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The Tower of London & Traitors Gate.

English circa 1910.

A charming depiction of The Tower of London & Traitors Gate from the Thames.

Oil on canvas.


Dimensions: 46cm (18”) high; 61cm (24”) wide.

DSC_0186 2.jpg

A Dog Painting.

English 1895.

Oil on canvas of a Jack Russell.

Indistinctly signed & dated.


Dimensions: 44.5cm (17.5") high; 60cm (23.5") wide.

DSC_0074 2.jpg

An Early 19th Century Coastal Scene.

Swedish circa 1820.

A charming, highly impasto painting of a coastal town perched perilously close to ‘popcorn’ sea.


Original hand-painted frame. Later inscription on the reverse: ‘Tillhor Mary Hagglof, Karlavagen 91, Stokholm’.


Dimensions: 63.5cm (25”) high; 71cm (28”) wide.



A Study of a Chihuahua.

English 19th Century.

An affectionate study of a Chihuahua standing in a wooded landscape.


Oil on canvas, ebonised frame.


Dimensions: 43cm (17”) high; 54cm (21 ¼”) wide.


A Rare 16th Century Marriage Plaque.

English 1567.

Celebrating  the marriage of Roger Bradshaigh to Jane Standish.

The arms of Bradshaigh & Standish.

Oil on oak board.

Original oak frame.

Dimensions: 36cm (14.25") high; 29cm (11.5") wide; 2cm (3/4") deep.


A Large 19th Century Benno Adam Dog Painting.

German circa 1860.

A full-length oil on canvas of a Leonberger.

Benno Adam (1812-1892) was an important animal painter born in Munich, he was associated with the Chiemsee School of Painters.

The son of Albrecht Adam (1786-1862) an important Bavarian artist who accompanied Napoleon Bonaparte as official artist on the 1812 Russian campaign.


Dimensions: 127cm (50") high; 109cm (43") wide.



A Naïve Oil on Board Study of a House & Garden.

English 1911.

A charming depiction of a country house in an elevated position framed by trees and a lake. Unusual flat perspective.

Signed ‘E.M.B. ’11’.


Dimensions: 26.5cm (10 ½”) high; 37cm (14 ½”) wide.

An Extremely Rare Early 19th Century Toll Gate Sign.

English circa 1800.

The ebonised panel with gilt prices for the Liskeard Turnpike, above a Royal Coat of Arms.


Dimensions: 106.5cm (42”) high; 57cm (22 ½”) wide.


A 19th Century Needlework Sampler.

English 1835.

"Time how short. Eternity how long. We all fade as a Flower."

Embroidered wool on woven linen. Initialled 'AP' and dated 1835.

Dimensions: 35cm (14") high; 50cm (20") wide.

A 17th Century Oil on Canvas Depicting Christ at the Column.

Spanish circa 1630.

A full-length portrait of Christ tethered to a post. The artist has flattened the space, reducing the figure to a minimum, using chiaroscuro to direct attention to crucial parts of the composition.

In a fruitwood frame.


Dimensions: 128.5cm (50.5") high; 88cm (34.5") wide.


An Early 19th Century Watercolour Painting of West Grinstead Park, Sussex.

English circa 1840.

A charming depiction of West Grinstead Park, the home of Walter Burrell (1777 – 1831), MP for Sussex. The castellated Gothic style house, designed by John Nash, sits in an elevated position framed by trees and deer.

Original water gilt frame.

Dimensions: 21cm (8.5") high; 27cm (10.5") wide.

An Early 19th Century Study of a Cow.

English, 1820, George Bailey Bawtry.

A Prize Short Horn Cow set within a wooded landscape.

Oil on canvas. Original birds-eye maple frame. Signed and dated to verso: 'Painted by George Bailey Bantry 1820'.

Dimensions: 60cm (23.5") high; 80cm (31.5") wide. 

A 19th Century Oil Painting of a House on a Hill.

English circa 1830.


A picturesque scene of a stone house set within wooded grounds with figures and deer in the foreground.

Oil on canvas. Original gilt frame.

Dimensions: 51cm (20") high; 64cm (25") wide.

An 18th Century Watercolour of  North Muskham House.

English circa 1795.


An unusual architectural study of a Palladian villa belonging to Joseph Pocklington, a wealthy eccentric whose amateur designs were described by William Wordsworth as "mere puerilities”... Please see our blog for more!


Inscribed: "North Muskham House near Newark, Nottinghamshire, belonging to Mr Joseph Pocklington of Barrow House near Heswick Cumberland. Foundation laid July 8 1793 by Mr JB." 

Dimensions: 56cm (22") high; 69cm (27") wide.

A Coastal Scene of a House.

English circa 1790.


A unusual naive watercolour of a house set on a wooded peninsula, with two small rowing boats in the foreground and two ships in the distance.

In a period Hogarth frame.

Dimensions: 46cm (18") high; 61cm (24") wide.

An Early 19th Century Pencil Sketch of Hagley Park, Worcestershire.

English circa 1800.

A landscape depicting the Palladian country house set within a picturesque landscape showing an obelisk and temple. Label to the reverse reading: ‘…the seat of Lord Cobham in Worcestershire built for Lord George Lyttleton by Sanderson Miller'.


Exhibited: Covent Garden Gallery


Dimensions: 53cm (21") high; 70cm (27 ½”) wide.


A Large Early Photograph.

French circa 1860.

An intriguing early photograph of  French colonialists in Vietnam amongst native workers.

In a later 1930's frame.

Dimensions: 69cm (27") high; 84cm (33") wide.

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