An Arts & Crafts Brass Hall Lantern.

English circa 1890.

The cylindrical lantern supported by an open corona top.

Original vaseline glass.

Dimensions: 39.5cm (15.5") high; 19cm (7.75") dimeter.

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An Unusually Large Hundi Lantern.

English Circa 1890

The fine gilt brass guilloche decorated frieze supporting a hand-blown glass lantern, terminating in a single candle sconce.

Original smoke shade.

Dimensions: 94cm (37") high; 25cm (14.25") diametre; 51cm (20") high glass.


A Regency Revival Brass Lantern.

English circa 1930.

The hexagonal buff painted lantern with silhouette fretwork decoration, central four-way sconce, supported by a scalloped bell-shaped crown on a six-arm corona.

Quantity available.

Dimensions: 86cm (34") high; 46cm (18") wide; 46cm (18") deep.


A Chandelier.

French circa 1910.

With finely cast bead and fluted bronze frieze, cut glass drops, four candle sconces.

Old electrification.

Dimensions: 76cm (30") high; 38cm (15") wide; 38cm (15") deep.


A George III Brass Hall Lantern.

English circa 1800.

The swan-neck supports & urn finials above a cylindrical body with curved glass panels & hinged door terminating in acorn feet. Original gilt lacquer finish.

Dimensions: 57cm (22.5") high; 33cm (13") dimeter.

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A Colza Lamp.

French circa 1805.

An extraordinary quality finely chased bronze ormolu Colza lamp.

Dimensions: 86cm (34") high; 56cm (22") wide; 28cm (11") deep.


A Wonderful Arts & Crafts Brass Lantern.

English circa 1900.

The domed roof  flanked by four urn finials above green tinted leaded muffle glass.

Dimensions: 40.5cm (16") high; 24cm (9.5") square.


An Unusual 19th Century Brass Lantern.

English circa 1860.

Of hexagonal form with pierced gallery headed by finials & entwined c-scrolls.


Dimensions: 91.5cm (36”) high; 42.5cm (17”) wide; 35.5cm (14”) deep.

An Arts & Crafts Lantern.

English circa 1900.

The pierced turret tole tin roof above a "paper" scroll frieze wrought iron lantern.

Dimensions: 65cm (25.5") high; (30cm (12") wide/deep.

A Pair of 19th Century Globe Lanterns.

English circa 1840.

Of spherical form, centred by a band of pierced roundels, scalloped domed top.


Dimensions: 57cm (22 ½”) high; 47cm (18 ½”) diameter.

An Unusual Arts & Crafts Brass Lantern.

English circa 1900.

The beaded suspension chain supporting a fluted conical dish, above a cylindrical lantern with pierced silver gilt strap-work decoration, terminating in a domed pierced grill & ball finial. Frosted glass replaced.

Dimensions: 56cm (22") high; 22cm (8.5") wide; 22cm (8.5") deep.

An Arts & Crafts Beaten Copper Lantern.

English circa 1890.

The riveted strapwork body enclosing green muffle glass beneath a pierced pagoda top.

Dimensions: 33cm (13") high; 20cm (8") wide; 20cm (8") deep.

A Copper Verdigris Lantern.

English circa 1900.

The pierced scalloped pagoda roof above a tapering lantern with strap-work & lattice decoration. Original amber & green muffle glass.

Dimensions: 41cm (16") high; 25cm (10") wide; 25cm (10") deep

An Arts and Crafts Vaseline Lantern.

English circa 1900.

The domed roof with pierced love-heart decoration above a cylindrical body with strapwork supports. 

Oxidised brass.

Dimensions: 44cm (17.5") high; 25cm (10") diameter.

An Arts & Crafts Muffle Glass Lantern.

English circa 1900.

The pitched roof supported by an oval hanging loop above strap-work decorated body. Original verdigris patina. 

Dimensions: 33cm (13") high; 17cm (6.5") wide; 17cm (6.5") deep

An Unusual Riveted Lantern.

English circa 1900.

The cylindrical brass lantern with pierced raised decoration, domed roof, original parchment interior. 

Dimensions: 43cm (17") high; 20cm (8") wide; 20cm (8") deep.

An 18th Century Tole Wall Lantern.

French circa 1780.

The scalloped edge canopy above a pierced frieze & acroterion mounts, the body with arched glazed panels & side hinged door.

Dimensions: 46cm (18") high; 25cm (10") wide; 17cm (6.5") deep.



An Exotic Brass Lantern.

English circa 1900.

The pierced domed roof above a tapering lantern with strapwork decoration on splayed hexagonal base, riveted construction.

Dimensions: 46cm (18") high; 15cm (6") wide; 15cm (6") deep.