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A Limestone Bust of Homer.

English/European circa 1800.

An intricately carved term bust of the Greek poet Homer.

Provenance: Horton Lodge, Windsor, Berks.

Dimensions: 35.5cm (14") high; 21.5cm (8.5") wide; 20cm (8") deep.


A Giant "Irish" Elk Antler.

Eurasia: extinct 11,000 years.

A seven point giant elk (Megaloceros giganteus) antler fragment.

Dimensions: 66cm (26") high; 156cm (61.5") wide; 40.5cm (16") deep..


An Early 19th Century Bust of Pseudo-Seneca.

English/Italian circa 1820.

The heavily patinated bronze bust on a Sienna marble socle .

Dimensions: 21.5cm (8.5") high; 9.5cm (3.75") wide; 11.5cm (4.5") deep..


A 19th Century Model of St Albans Cathedral.

English circa 1850.

An architectural card model of the medieval cathedral on an ebonised pine base. Later mahogany casing.

Attributed: John Bellamy (1808-1893).

Provenance: Sir Albert Richardson, P.R.A. (1880-1964). Professor Richardson lived at Cavendish House, St Albans, where he served as architectural advisor to the diocese of St Albans.

Dimensions: 15cm (6") high; 38cm (15") wide; 22cm (8.5") deep.


A Classical Jardiniere.

English circa 1930.


A cast iron bronzed & parcel gilt jardiniere, the lion paw tri-columned base supporting a circular dish with fixed ring handles. Removable brass liner.

In the style of Thomas Hope.


Dimensions: 70cm (27.5") high; 42cm (16.5") wide.


An Extremely Rare Pair of  William & Mary Mirrored Portrait Frames.

English circa 1690.

Each with decorated etched foliate plate glass, framing a stumpwork fragment portrait, one of a lady in period dress, the other a gentleman.

Dimensions: 23cm (9") high; 14cm (5.5") wide.

A Rare George III Oval Tea Caddy.

English circa 1790.


Nashiji lacquer with cameos depicting classical figures. The interior with a scalloped gilt metal rim & foil lining.

Nashiji is a Japanese technique where gold, silver or, in this case, mother-of-pearl flakes are sprinkled onto a lacquer surface, it is then re-lacquered & burnished with charcoal.


Attributed to Henry Clay, ‘Japanner to His Majesty’ George III.

Jasperware cameos attributed to Josiah Wedgwood.


Dimensions: 4 ½” high; 14 ¾” wide; 3" deep.


A Bust of a Gentleman.

English 1916.

Finely sculpted white clay, the moustachioed gentleman’s eyes downturned in a thoughtful expression. On an ebonised socle.

Signed: J Elborlie 1916.

Dimensions: 56cm (22") high; 18cm (7") wide; 23cm (9") deep.

A Rare 17th Century Lock and Key.

English circa 1660.

The blacksmith made ironwork set within a one piece oak block, the single sliding bolt held in place by a decorative pierced plate, plain rectangular

inset lock-plate to the reverse. Original bow key.

Dimensions: 47cm (18.5") high; 24cm (9.5") wide; 5cm (2") deep.

A Pair of Brushes.

English circa 1930.

A rare and unusual pair of curtain brushes.


By Dukas & Co, London.

Dimensions of larger brush: 133m (52") high; 23cm (9") wide; 1cm (0.4") deep.

Dimensions of smaller brush: 121m (47.5") high; 10cm (4") wide; 6cm (2.5") deep.

An Arts and Crafts Door Stop.

English circa 1900.

A decorated brass door stop.

In the style of Christopher Dresser.

Dimensions: 46cm (18") high; 18 cm (7") wide; 9cm (3.5") deep.